Take Advantage of Us. Get a Sponsorship Contact High.

It’s what propels the Ochre House Theater to heightened innovation and creativity. Customers seeking unique and stimulating experiences is a challenge. It ain’t easy to maintain a reputation as the “cool kids.”

Maybe you run a restaurant, bar, music venue, fitness club, specialty shop, or tattoo parlor. You know what we’re up against, driving beneficial buzz.

The Ochre House has cultivated an audience that takes risks, thinks critically, appreciates quality, has some spending cash, is educated and curious, and generally dresses fashionably. It’s diverse in age, race, gender, and mind. They’re kind of natural influencers and trend-setters. (Our best marketing is word-of-mouth.)

Every performance, up to forty or so of them arrive early for a beverage and conversation, in anticipation of what they’re about to see. Some stay after, to meet the creators and performers and broaden their experience.

So, here’s a proposition. Become an Ochre House sponsor, and we both get a lift in dopeness points. Position yourself as the au courant thing to do after the show. We’re opening sponsorship opportunities that can put your business in suave company.

We’re keen to promote you. Use this form, email info@ochrehousetheater.org or call 214-826-6273.

Thank you. And we love you.