Pioneer With Us and Help Keep Texas Safe for Democracy

Together we can Preserve Original Live Theater for Future Generations

Busker with saxaphone

If all you can afford is a theater ticket now and then, that’s OK. We love you. Keep coming. We’ll do our best to see you’re stimulated.

If you can do a little more, help us out. We’re a small theater with limited seating and big stories that cost money. Our mission of broadening minds, promoting diversity, telling truths, and just giving people a break from a pressure-cooker world is more than we can afford. And we have even bigger goals. Join us and support our art.

Entertainment, a tax deduction, and a good feeling of generosity with karma points for a simple donation. How can you not?

Welcome mat with caption 'all humans 18+ welcome at the Ochre House.

Warning: Our theater produces material that is not suitable for children though it has a certain whimsical charm. Content may contain lessons about inclusiveness, tolerance, human rights for all individuals, courtesy, diversity, concern about climate, and private healthcare for women. Males could be dressed as females and vice versa. Critical thinking may be required. Viewer discretion is advised.