We’ve produced more than fifty shows at the Ochre House. That’s a lot of original songs, dances, laughs and tears.

Characters from Ochre House production, MouseMore than 500 characters have trod the boards of this humble theater. That’s a lot of protagonists and antagonists, heroes and foils, wacko puppets and a video-projected Greek god.

The good guys are always flawed. The bad guys are rarely irredeemable. The story is never fully tragedy or comedy. As in life, there are moments of each, and then suddenly everyone breaks out in dancing and song.

This is the Ochre House vault, or museum if you will. If you’re new to the Ochre House, you can get a real flavor of the variety of themes and the cornucopia of delights found in stories well told. If you’re an Ochre veteran, stroll with us through the memories.

We’re thankful for every actor, musician, artist, technician and manager that has been a part of this history, and we’re grateful to the audiences who let us live our dreams every performance.

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