Somebody’s Gotta Do It.

It takes a lot of people to create Suavant Garde,™ beginning with an enthusiastic audience that “gets it,” and donors, sponsors, and grantors that support it. Add a community of very talented writers, directors, actors, musicians and artisans that provide the spectacle. You’ll find their names throughout this website, in current and past productions.

Here are the names of the permanent in-house artists, “staff,” that guide the process and the board of directors that support them. There’s more information and photos coming to this page when we get the time.

Ochre House Staff

Matthew Posey – Artistic Director
Carla Parker – Managing Director
Kevin Grammer – Operations Director
Justin Locklear – Artist In Residence

Ochre House Board

Matthew Posey – President
David Aguilera – Treasurer
Diana Hudson – Secretary
David Mackey
Candis Posey
Freda Williams
Janet Dodd
Jason Ankele

Board Emeritus

Susan Archer (Secretary)
Gigi McFarlane (In Memorium)
Mike McFarlane