Written and Directed by Justin Locklear

February 9 – March 2, 2019

Doom McCoy and the Death Nugget posterThe Ochre House Theater presents the premiere of Doom McCoy and the Death Nugget, a new musical written and directed by Justin Locklear. Springing from the tall tales of the American west, a new story has been discovered and brought to light. It is the story of Doom McCoy, a humble cowboy, born during a wild astrological event, who could ride his horse through time and space. Connecting myths like a constellation, he shaped the old west in ways we are only now beginning to understand. Coming to life through puppets, live music, and multimedia, Doom McCoy and the Death Nugget is a spiritual and cosmic journey through the life of America’s lost legend.

Action from the Ochre House play Doom McCoy and the Death Nugget

The Dallas Morning News

“For all its unusual twists and turns, the show is the kind of refreshing, unanticipated experience that the “viewer who’s seen everything” is craving.”
By Miguel Perez | UT Dallas student (Read the review…)

Sharp Critic: Christopher Soden

“Director/Playwright Justin Locklear has crafted this metaphysical, satirical, comedic horse opera, with oodles of tropes, borrowing from Spaghetti Westerns, heroic journeys, Zane Grey, John Ford, Sergio Leone and Beck.”
Christopher Soden, February 23, 2019 (Read the review…)

Katy Trail Weekly logo

“If you have never caught an Ochre House production, then that is a spiritual omission that needs to be remedied! Doom McCoy and the Death Nugget is exciting, transformative, and thoroughly innovative.”
Ann Saucer, Associate Critic (Read the review)

Olivia de Guzman, music, and Justin Locklear, lyrics, won Dallas-Fort Worth theater critics awards for Doom McCoy and the Death Nugget (CultureMap Dallas, Sep 11, 2019). Listen.



Saloon Girl/Ensemble: Will Acker
Gambler/Ensemble: Quinn Coffman
Madame Satan/Ensemble: Olivia de Guzman
Marshal/Ensemble: Cory Kosel
Saloon Girl/Ensemble: Monét Lerner
Father Sullivan/Ensemble: Christopher Lew
Honey/Ensemble: Beth Lipton
Bartender/Ensemble: Trey Pendergrass
Medicine Man/Ensemble: Gregg Prickett
Doom McCoy/Ensemble: Chris Sykes

Creative Team

Writer and Director: Justin Locklear
Composer and Musical Director: Olivia de Guzman
Puppet Design: Justin Locklear
Scenic Artist: IZK Davies
Set Engineer: Mitchell Parrack
Lighting Design: Kevin Grammer
Costume Design: Ryan Matthieu Smith
Stage Management: Korey Parker
House Management: Cynthia D. Webb