Idle Spirit

Written by Justin Locklear
Directed by Josh David Jordan
Filmed by Chad Windham and Josh David Jordan

May 6-16, 2021

The final chapter of the virtual series Ghosts in the Kitchen is written and performed by Ochre Artist in Residence, Justin Locklear, and called Idle Spirit.

Idle Spirit poster
The one-act play is an engaging story of a man in a kitchen full of telephones, seeking voices of affirmation and understanding to end his surreal crisis of identity. Idle Spirit is a captivating tale of isolation, weaving in and out of the mischievous late night air. The universal need for validation comes in waves, as his world grows closer to a dream, and he is left with the sensation of “Feelin’ so ordinary, when you realized you couldn’t fly.”


Sharp Critic: Christopher Soden

“Idle Spirit is comical, absurd and often sad…Mr. Locklear would seem to be reflecting on the nature of authentic connection.”
By Christopher Soden (Read the review…)



Justin Locklear



Scam Likely: Justin Locklear

Creative Team

Writer: Justin Locklear
Director: Josh David Jordan
Camera: Chad Windham, Josh David Jordan
Music : Sarah Rubio-Rogerson
Set Design: Matthew Posey
Sound Design: Justin Locklear
Lighting Design: Kevin Grammer