Supernova Leftovers

Written by Carla Parker
Directed by Josh David Jordan
Filmed by Chad Windham and Josh David Jordan

March 11-21, 2021

The third segment of Ghosts in the Kitchen was Supernova Leftovers, written and performed by Carla Parker and directed by Josh David Jordan.

Supernova Leftovers poster

The play takes viewers down the rabbit hole of wonder, denial, and self discovery. What can we expect at the end of a long journey? Supernova Leftovers is a nuclear harvest that reaps the profound workings of the Self. There’s always something leftover in the kitchen.

The production streamed from April 8 to May 1, 2021.

Sharp Critic: Christopher Soden

“Ms. Parker’s piece is a masterfully realized, complex depiction of a caring soul, destroyed by a culture driven by abstraction and draconian consequences.”
By Christopher Soden (Read the review…)

Carla Parker in Supernova Leftovers



Despondent Woman: Carla Parker

Creative Team

Writer: Carla Parker
Director: Josh David Jordan
Camera: Chad Windham, Josh David Jordan
Editing: Josh David Jordan
Music : Sarah Rubio-Rogerson
Set Design: Matthew Posey
Sound Design: Justin Locklear
Lighting Design: Kevin Grammer