Futile Roses

Written/directed by Kevin Grammer
Film direction by Josh David Jordan

April 20-23 and 27-30, 2022

Марні троянди, (pronounced “Marni Troyandy”, Ukrainian for FUTILE ROSES) brings the headlines and horror to the Ochre House stage
as the third in the IN THE GARDEN series. While their city is being devastated by an invasion, a family strives to maintain their sanity and dignity and seeks to find normalcy in a world turned upside down. Features the voice of Ukrainian actor Denys Lyubimov.

Brain Witkowicz and Carla Parker in Futile Roses

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“Ochre House Theater crafted a heartbreaking, yet beautiful story of the survival of family while also bringing attention to a crisis that is happening in the world right now.”
By Emily Short (Read the review…)

Sharp Critic: Christopher Soden

“Futile Roses captures the experience and mercilessness of war.”
By Christopher Soden (Read the review…)

Futile Roses original poster


Performing Artists

Natasha – Carla Parker
Sergei – Brain Witkowicz
Kiki – Quinn Coffman
Pipe – Denys Lyubimov

Film Production

Film Direction – Josh D Jordan
Camera Operators – Josh David Jordan, Julian Jordan, Chad Wyndham
Sound – Codi Putman

Stage Production

Director/Playwright – Kevin Grammer
Production Consultant – Matthew Posey
Stage Manager/Covid Compliance Officer – Liz Carr
Set Design – Matthew Posey
Scenic Art – Isaac Davies
Sound Design – Justin Locklear
Light Design – Kevin Grammer
Set Build/Props/Costumes – Company
Photos – Justin Locklear
Poster Graphics – Jeremy Word