The Academic

Written/directed by Justin Locklear
Film direction by Josh David Jordan

March 16-19 and 23-26, 2022

With brilliant performances by Jeff Burleson and Olivia de Guzman, Locklear presented an absurdist dark comedy about the unravelling façade of a pretentious professor/author’s status in the presence of his cheerfully cynical wife. Bouncing along with buoyant and bizarre wordplay, THE ACADEMIC ultimately pits the couple against each other, obliterating the very ruse that keeps their lives afloat.

The Academic poster

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“It shouldn’t be this much fun watching things go to pieces.”
By Jan Farrington (Read the review…)

Jeff Burleson and Olivia de Guzman in The Academic


Original Trailer for The Academic



Performing Artists

Louisiana Ball Stephenson – Olivia de Guzman
Robert Lewis Stephenson – Jeff Burleson

Film Production

Film Direction/Camera – Josh D Jordan
Camera – Chad Windham
Sound Engineer – Gabe Zippy Arizpc
Editing – Julian Sol, Josh D Jordan

Stage Production

Director/Playwright – Justin Locklear
Set Design – Matthew Posey
Scenic Artist – Izk Davies
Lighting Design – Kevin Grammer
Costumes – Justin Locklear
Stage Management – Liz Carr
House Management – Cynthia Webb
House Assistant – Carla Parker
Photography/Sound Design – Justin Locklear
Poster Graphics – Jeremy Word