Under the Moon

Written/directed by Matthew Posey
Film direction by Josh David Jordan

May 25-28 and June 1-4, 2022

Under The Moon is about an old wizard who, along with the help of his cuckoo bird apprentice and captive angel, attempts one last work of magic: to marry the moon. An unlikely tale of enchanted misfits, filled with song, dance, music and spectacle.

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Under the Moon Cast

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“Ochre House Theater will give you an hour of laughs, gasps, cringes, and critical thinking before they send you back into the world to continue suffering humanity.”
By Emily Short (Read the review…)

Sharp Critic: Christopher Soden

“Under the Moon takes the elemental, the mystical, the heartsick, and sweet madness that mortality whispers to us, and bestows it without fear.”
By Christopher Soden (Read the review…)

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“How can all these charming, quirky scenes and more be brought together in under an hour? “
By Martha Heimberg (Read the review…)

Characters from Ochre House Under the Moon


Performing Artists

The Lazarus – Matthew Posey
Null Nath Ani – Kenneth Mechler
Ednocah – Sarah Rogerson

Film Production

Film Direction/Camera/Film Editor – Josh D Jordan
Camera/Film Editor – Julian Sol

Stage Production

Director/Playwright/Set Design/Lyrics – Matthew Posey
Music Director/ Lyrics
Composer/ Cello – Sarah Rogerson
Scenic Artist – Izk Davies
Lighting Design/ Props/
House Assistant – Kevin Grammer
Costumes – Samantha Rodriguez Corgan
Photography/Media Design/Props
Additional Costumes – Justin Locklear
House Management – Carla Parker
Stage Management – Elizabeth Loyle Carr
Poster/Graphics – Jeremy Word