The Key to a Dark Lonely Night

Written by Kevin Grammer
Directed by Josh David Jordan
Filmed by Chad Windham and Josh David Jordan

March 11-21, 2021

The second show of the virtual series Ghosts in the Kitchen is titled The Key to a Dark and Lonely Night, and it is written and performed by Kevin Grammer.

The Key to a Dark Lonely Night

Grammer plays a man who barricades himself in his kitchen on a dark stormy night and reminisces about his past and the current state of the world. “Filled with twists and turns and a melancholy chill, it’s a man confronting mortality in his own delusional way,” reads the description. “Is he frightened of what’s out there? Or what’s inside?”

Props from Ghosts in the Kitchen

Sharp Critic: Christopher Soden

“When Dark and Lonely Night reaches its shocking conclusion, we are not sure it happened before or after the scene we’ve just witnessed. Suddenly we must rethink the story we’ve just seen. This is cunning drama of the first order.”
By Christopher Soden (Read the review…)



Agitated Man: Kevin Grammer

Creative Team

Writer: Kevin Grammer
Director: Josh David Jordan
Camera: Chad Windham, Josh David Jordan
Music : Sarah Rubio-Rogerson
Set Design: Matthew Posey
Sound Design: Justin Locklear
Lighting Design: Kevin Grammer