Written and Directed by Matthew Posey

February 8 – February 29 2020

The insanity of war, love in the time of tyranny, and one’s tenacity to stand against fascism.

“Mrs. Haggardly’s Home For Wayward Children” is an orphanage that sits on the outskirts of the Great Brutal War, and each day the drums of war draw closer.

Poster for Ochre House Mrs Haggardly

Mrs. Haggardly and her two companions, Madame Pigslips and Mrs. Busybottom, are the matrons of the orphanage who cunningly use their wiles to resist the pillaging fascists who have come to recruit the orphans for soldiers. In this world of war, Mrs. Haggardly and her companions rise to the challenge to feed, clothe, and protect the orphans.

Actors and musicians conjure opera, spectacle, and illusion to create an evening of fascinating performance. “Why must we have war, my child? We cannot resist the temptation. It is the dilemma of the Fox and the Turtle.” ~Mrs. Haggardly

“…one of the most fascinating pieces of art I’ve seen. It’s a visceral experience and an acknowledgment of the shocking and confusing times in which we find ourselves.”

Cristee Cook, Dallas Art Beat (Read the review…)

“…not to be missed for its originality, no-holes-barred performances, visual and musical artistry, and theatrically sophisticated use of space. Hold on for an eye-popping ride.”

Ann Saucer, The Column (Read the review…)

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“…Mrs. Haggardly is a story in which one can engage and enjoy. The amount of work and energy expended on the technical elements is impressive.”

Janice L. Franklin, Theater Jones (Read the review…)

Moments from Mrs. Haggardly

Matthew Posey as Mrs. Haggardly
Bill Bolender as Madam Pigslips
Will Acker as Mrs. Busybottom
Chris Sykes as Little Alfred
Monét Lerner as Lulu Lillylilly
Quinn Coffman as Pumpkin Pants
Carla Parker as The General
Brad Hennigan as Magister Huffenbergen
Lauren Massey as Johnny Rumsrunner
Trey Pendergrass as Dr. Tangletwat (keyboard)
Gregg Prickett as Peter Knife Hands (guitar)
Sarah Rubio-Rogerson as Blissninny (cello)

Stage Management by Liz Carr
Music Direction and Composition by Justin Locklear
Set Design by Matthew Posey
Scenic Art by Izk Davies
Set & Prop Construction by Mitchell Parrack & Matthew Posey
Light Design by Kevin Grammer
Costume Design by Samantha Rodriguez Corgan
Graphic Design by Jeremy Word
House Management by Cynthia Webb
House Assistance by Amie Carson

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